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FM4 Liquid Radio - Playlist vom 20.9.2020

Liquid Radio: Acid Pauli’s new album MOD in the mix

His 3rd album, an exploratory tribute to the modular synthesizer, is released now!

1. Propagating Flip Flops
2. Intellijel Bell
3. Acid On Yusef
4. Sublime Frequencies Of Cairo
5. Peace Waer Schoen
6. Life Polarizer
7. Du Brecht, Ich Dub
8. Quantize Hell
9. No Kick, No Cry
10. Shifting Gier*
11. Gierporn*

*all tracks by Acid Pauli from the new album MOD out on Ouie Music,
except trx 10 & 11 taken from the Shifting Gier EP on Ouie Circle