Sanja Cin

Eine Singer/Songwriterin mit vielen unterschiedlichen Einfl├╝ssen aus Wien, die in Manchester gelandet ist und dort eine EP aufgenommen hat.

Sanja Cin ├╝ber sich

Sanja Cins songs are snapshots in time. Her music naturally embraces a lot of her listening interests, among them classic pop and folk, as well as music from Brazil to the Balkans. Her vocal stylings are reminiscent of singer-songwriters such as Feist, Regina Spektor or Jesca Hoop.

Born in Bosnia and Hercegovina, Sanja grew up in a musical family in a small Austrian town. After several years spent in Vienna, studying and working in collaborative musical projects, she landed by surprise in Manchester, where she recorded her first solo EP Bees, released in November 2018. The five tracks were produced by Manchester-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Alan Keary (alias Shunya), in collaboration with musicians from Austria and Manchester.


aus Wien/Manchester | *2018
Sanja Cin


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