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FM4 House of Pain - Playlist vom 2.11.2022

Ghost Mary on a cross Spinefarm
Like Elephants Lighthouse Lasvegs Recordsd
The Mars Volta No Case Cain Clouds Hill
Final Stair Headgames Sonic Grit
The Riven On Top Of Evil The Sign Records
Motorpsycho The Ladder All Noir
Mezzoa Dunes Of Mars Soulfood
Cleopatrick OK Nowhere Special Recordings
O.R.k. Don´t Call Me Joke Edel
Our Mirage Black Hole Arising Empire
Wolf Counsel Ruins CMM
Antitype Freaking Me Out Antitype Records
Avatar Valley of Disease Beastie Butterlfy
Health, Xiu Xiu Delicious Ape Loma Vista Recordings
Health, Perturbator Excess Loma Vista Recordings
Health, Nine Inch Nails Isn't Everyone Loma Vista Recordings
Health, Poppy Dead Flowers Loma Vista Recordings
Soilwork Dreams of Nowhere Nuclear Blast
In Flames The Great Deceiver Nuclear Blast
Lionheart Death comes in 3s Arising Empire
D-Wall After Dark HOFA
Exmortus Oathbreaker Nuclear Blast
Dimmu Borgir Puritania Nuclear Blast
The Black Skeleton Change Golden Robot