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Aus dem Album ‘Last years’ diary’ gibt es zwei Auszüge dieser Wiener SInger/Songwriter zu hören.
coming home

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Zitat:"Singer/songwriter Martin K. and guitarist Tilmann G. first met in 1996 over a shared love of music and cigarettes, cumulating in a New Years Eve night of jamming and playing around with an 8-track tape. The dawn of 1997 witnessed the birth of 12 smooth and acoustic songs and the “coffeeshop sessions” were born.

10 years later, the two musicians decided to rerecord their favourite ‘96 tunes incorporating two songs of their current band project, “Surfdog7”. In order to reflect the changes in life, body parts and bagel choice over the intervening years, the songs have been rearranged, with fresh support on Martin S. on bass and Gerd W. on sax and flute. The result is a sound both gentle and inspiring.

Carla’s Café is a tribute to the “coffeeshop sessions”; a collaboration born out of 10 years of abiding friendship, shared love and mutual respect epitomised in the concept of ‘Last Years Diary’.
The artwork for the CD is based upon a painting of Martin´s wife, Sabine H, and was adapted by photographer & designer Paul P.

‘Last years’ diary’ is a singer/songwriter album that combines a broad range of moods. Carla´s Café´s songs are like short stories – they fire your imagination. Lean back and lose yourself in the pictures that are created in your mind. "

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kalte | 21.Mai.2008
Brand Neu: Carla's Cafe Website nun als Weblog - Stories aus dem täglichen Leben aus Carla's Cafe und mehr...


aus Wien | *2006
Martin Kaltenböck (vocals) Tilmann Grüll (guitars) Martin Six (bass) Gerd Weber (sax & flute) Herwig Ferch (cajon)


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boggler | vor 5765 Tagen, 19 Stunden
hmmmmm einfach mal träumen, schöööön!  
shenpensenge | vor 5765 Tagen, 19 Stunden, 35 Minuten
..lausche ich "coming home"...
wunderschöner song!  
tiefseetaucher | vor 5765 Tagen, 21 Stunden, 36 Minuten
Schön, euch hier zu finden... "Coming home" ist wieder mal ein gutes Beispiel dafür, dass weniger auch mehr sein kann - sofern man so singt und instrumentiert wie ihr!  
kalte | vor 5765 Tagen, 21 Stunden, 47 Minuten
WOW - was für schöne Klänge
Na aber hallo - sehr feine Klänge hier in Carlas Cafe ;-)