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FM4 Graue Lagune - Playlist vom 4.2.2018

James Carr Love Attack
James Carr Pouring Water on a Drowning Man
James Carr I Don't Want to Be Hurt Anymore
James Carr These Ain't Raindrops
James Carr I'm Going for Myself
James Carr Lovable Girl
James Carr Forgetting You
James Carr Coming Back to Me Baby
James Carr She's Better Than You
James Carr You've Got My Mind Messed Up
James Carr The Dark End of the Street
Fire! The Hands
Fire! When Her Lips Collapsed
Fire! Touches Me with the Tips of Wonder
Fire! Up. And Down.
Fire! To Shave the Leaves. In Red. In Black
Fire! I Guard Her to Rest. Declaring Silence.


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