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FM4 House of Pain - Playlist vom 27.6.2018

Pantera Walk
Guns N' Roses Welcome to the Jungle
Starcrawler I Love L.A.
Sun Voyager Trip
Mr. Bison Roots
Saturno Grooves Seven Hills
Guns N' Roses It's so Easy
Guns N' Roses Nighttrain
Guns N' Roses Paradise City
Guns N' Roses Mr. Brownstone
Guns N' Roses Sweet child O' Mine
Starcrawler Train
Starcrawler Loves Gone Again
Starcrawler Different Angles
Starcrawler Chicken Woman
Starcrawler Pussy Tower
Nine Inch Nails Came Back Haunted
Nine Inch Nails Came Back Haunted
Nine Inch Nails Branches/Bones
Nine Inch Nails The Lovers
Nine Inch Nails Ahead of Ourselves
Nine Inch Nails Play the Goddamned Part
Nine Inch Nails Hurt (Live)
Nine Inch Nails God Break Down The Door
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Carried from the Start
Graveyard Cold Love
YOB Ablaze