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La Boum de Luxe - Playlist vom 27.7.2018

Slack Hippy`s Dogs Bollocks back once again for our monthly run-down of all things breaks,bass and bleep . We have a lot of fresh tunes lined up for the next 1 hour and of course, a whole crew of DJs for the evening and, of course, for your listening pleasure . Live guest on our show is Xee from Globalise Yourself Stereo , South Africa .

Dogs Bollocks Tracklist

DJ Oblong Speed your Rage to me Rage
Setron 400 Trans Bas Most
Credit 00 Hammers Jack , Voices Wail Ratlife
Joy O & Ben Vince System Align Hessle Audio
Populist Psychometric Profiling Trust
Martyn Manchester Ost Gut Ton
Martyn Cutting Tone Ost Gut Ton
Future Beat Alliance Cross Dissolve ( Kirk De Giorgio remix ) K7

Xee (South Africa, Globalise Yourself Stereo)
Always a pleasure to welcome back old friends onto the show, this time with an short Interview and live mix from the FM4 studios .
Let’s see what Xee has lined up for us this time around .
Tracklist : TBA

Xee & CodeKid Chaos & the Unknown
Xee & CodeKid Bulisa
Economic theory Accapella
Xee Bells of First District
t. Siza Sokane Pt 2
Xee & CodeKid Siyavuma
V_X_C V_X_C 2
D.nel Mysteries of The Soil (Original Mix)
Xee & CodeKid Recycled Navy 8. t. Siza
Culoe de Song Rambo
Xee & CodeKid UE
Xee & CodeKid Ndihleli Feat Gift Gwe

Simon Lebon (Vienna)
Our good old mate from Luv Shack Records returns to Dogs Bollocks
With a very special Electro Mix .

Simon Lebon

E.R.P. Sensory Process Semantica Records
Privacy NCSC Klakson
Radioactive Man Sonic Portal (Dexorcist Remix) Asking For Trouble
Kausto FX-FN-RT-TMN-SHZL Roots United Records
Lost Trax Life Out Of Balance Frustrated Funk
The Emperor Machine U.M.O. Internasjonal
Laksa Dust Ilian Tape
Luca Lozano Gun Fingers Hypercolour
Objekt Theme From Q Objekt
Gnork Ezoteric Massage (eXXXtented pleasure mix) Magicwire

Newtron (Vienna)
Vienna based DJ Newtron began DJing Drum & Bass in 1996. He later switched to different styles, such as UK Garage, Electro,or Dubstep. After a longer break, his interest for music returned and he started collecting and spinning vinyl again, with a strong focus on 94/95 jungle and UK Garage.


Lemon D Bus this (Feeling) Species
PFM One & only Good Looking
Interception Feel it Motivation
Koda Spacetek Dee Jay
Skanna All you wanted Skanna
Photek Resolution Photek
Sounds of Life Trust me Certificate 18
D4 Careless Deep Red
Dope Travelling pt.2 Good Looking
System Ex Say it (Version) 3rd Eye
Omni Trio Renegade snares (Foul Play VIP) Moving Shadow
Babylon Timewarp Searching KVA
D. Charlesworth Guiness track After Dark

One of the few DJs we have met with a perfectly designed homepage next to a great taste in music with all information available for you there, check the link .


Mose & Lunar Symphony Dejame Caer (Original Mix) Heimlich
Frikstailers Omeprazol ZZK Records
Technotronic Pump Of The Jam (Intiche Edit) white
Patrick Alavi Be like H2O (Original Mix) Heimlich
Zazou feat. Trippin Jaguar Octagon (Original Mix) heimlich
Earlham Mystics Truth Born Electric
Kyrill & Redford Mutterkorn (Original Mix) Underyourskin Records
Manu Chao Politik Kills (Slow Nomaden Remix) white
Patrick Alavi Be like H2O (Original Mix) heimlich
Kyrill & Redford Superstition (Lukas Endhardt Remix) Underyourskin Records
Frikstailers Venus ZZK Records
Idjut Boys One for Kenny Smalltown Supersound
Luca Musto Parabel The Magic Movement
Tower Of Power Whats Hip (Al Lindrum & Jens Fokking Bootleg) white
Nina Simone Feeling Good (Hrdvsion Remix) white

Rajmatazz (UK/Vienna)
A regular to our show, and with a big round of applause Rajmatazz in the house .


The Silver Rider I Wanna Be Smokecloud Records SCR-019
Giuseppe Leonardi Invitro International Major Label
Andras Fox Soft illusions Home Loan Records
Rudy’s Midnight Machine Midnight Safari Faze Action Records
Alena Learn To Get By (Ron Basejam Remix) Ism Records
Rudy’s Midnight Machine Solar Plex Faze Action Records FAR033
Eddie C Slipping Away Red Motorbike Bike15
Dreamcast Liquid Deep Peoples Potential Unlimited
Retiree Together (Andras Fox Remix) Plastic World
Bebel Gilberto Bananeira (Rae & Christian Remix) Ziriguiboom
Gilberto Gil Maracatu Atomico Stateside
Tom Scott & The California Dreamers Today Impulse
Mighty Ryeders Evil Vibrations Sun Glo Records Inc.
E. Live Feelin You Up Elivity Records ELIVE001
Creative Source You Can’t Hide Love Mellow Mellow Right On

Slack Hippy
Thought I’d do a chilled out mix for the love of the summer and to fit in with the last 2 DJs of tonight show .
Tracklist TBA

Rewind TBA

Rewind TBA