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FM4 Liquid Radio - Playlist vom 23.8.2020

Velvet Desert Music Vol.2 Continuous Mix (Kompact Records)

With Velvet Desert Music Vol. 2, curator Jörg Burger has intensified his vision for this new series of compilations on Kompakt. The music he’s collected here has a unique vibration, perhaps an audio equivalent to the legendary ‘acid Western’ films of the 1960s and 1970s, when the wild frontier logic of the western met the consciousness-altering psychedelia of the counterculture.

Velvet Desert Music Vol.2 Continuous Mix (Kompact Records)

Michael Mayer Not So Far Away
The Velvet Circle Vertigo
Mount Obsidian Ride (feat. Charlotte Jestaedt)
Superpitcher Monterrey Paris Texas (feat. Daniel Maloso)
Golden Bug and The Limiñanas Variation Sur 3 Bancs
Rebolledo Y El Niño Paulor Cruising Nevada
Fantastic Twins Between The Dog And The Wolf
Gen Pop Aride
Sascha Funke In Der Tat
Paulor We
Mount Obsidian Casa Delfines (Cubenx Edit)
Lake Turner/WEM/Hand East County Lines
Pluramon ragon SlayerVelvet 77 Mix by Jörg Burger
The Novotones Angel Of Doomsday