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La Boum de Luxe - Playlist vom 19.11.2021

La boum de luxe (21-4)
mit Heinz Reich

Heinz Reich puts the needle on the record 😉

Wir feiern 7 Jahre
Das Drumandbass Label „In:Deep“ von Georg ‚Phlage‘ Temml feiert bald 7 Geburtstag. Es hat schon einige Talente aus Österreich released, unter anderem z.B. Wingz, Phentix, Break.Pitt, M.Pathy, Synged, Tenchu.
Wir schenken den Jungs zwei Stunden Sendezeit um sich und ihre Produktionen in the mix abzufeiern!

An den Decks:
Georg Lindner Turecka (Atomique/Tenchu)
Georg Temml „Phlage“
Micheal Mahfouz „M:Pathy“ (UK)

IN:DEEP 7 years Birthday Bash Tracklist

Ibstract feat. Rokstedy American Hustler (Dephzac Remix) IN:DEEP Music
Elliot_Saloman Think You Love IN:DEEP Music
Dorian Weakness IN:DEEP Music
Wingz Unit One IN:DEEP Music
Ibstract feat. Rokstedy American Hustler IN:DEEP Music
M:Pathy Aggravate unreleased
M:Pathy Hektik Freenetik
Tenchu Lenny Carlson IN:DEEP Music
Bowser Void Seeker VIP IN:DEEP Music
M:Pathy Percolate unreleased
Mindmapper & Silvahfonk Flash Forward (Phentix Remix) Demand
Tenchu High Tempel unreleased
Tenchu Emitter IN:DEEP Music
M:Pathy Anticipation Skalator Music
Phentix Those Paths Flexout Audio
Midas Hue (Breakpitt & Tenchu Remix) IN:DEEP Music
Bowsar & Phentix Parsec IN:DEEP Music
M:Pathy Caeser unreleased
Phentix & Wingz Fragment Demand
Breakpitt & Tenchu Soulmade IN:DEEP Music
Black Opps Return Of The Samurai IN:DEEP Music
Tinderbox Runit Dome IN:DEEP Music
Kloro4m & M:Pathy Menace unreleased
Phentix Wushu Flexout
Bowsar Hibernation IN:DEEP Music
SYMTM Resolve IN:DEEP Music
M:Pathy Disoriented unreleased
Synged Say What IN:DEEP Music
Skore No Fool IN:DEEP Music
Trashbat & Vaughn Ardent (SYMTM Remix) IN:DEEP Music
Black Opps Shadows IN:DEEP Music
M:Pathy Crawler IN:DEEP Music
Vince Grain Laska IN:DEEP Music
Tenchu Listen to Me IN:DEEP Music
Malk & Black Barrel Choose One IN:DEEP Music
Tenchu Unearthed unreleased
Tenchu Sharkbytes IN:DEEP Music
Kyos & Nestik Interferences IN:DEEP Music
Breakpitt & Tenchu Underdog IN:DEEP Music
Discord Almost IN:DEEP Music
MidKnight MOON Insane IN:DEEP Music
M:FX Changes (Alibi Remix) BluSaphir
M:FX For You IN:DEEP Music
M:Pathy Horizont IN:DEEP Music
Phentix Dramatic IN:DEEP Music
M:FX Changes (Dubape Remix) BluSaphir
Jam Thieves Mr Lava Lava JungleCakes

alllone (Graz) in the mix
Mathis Hofbauer und Stefan Krems aka alllone sind ein DJ/Producer Duo aus Graz, die nächste Woche in Wien auflegen werden. Um ihre Party und ihre Releases zu promoten haben sie uns einen Exklusivmix geschickt!

BLVZE w/ Alllone at Ponyhof/Wien 26.11.2021

Premiering at the all new cosy bar/club PONYHOF in 1150, BLVZE presents ALLLONE, the sickest producer-duo in bass music Austria has to offer atm. Support by yours truly with a heartfelt welcome to our new crew member LOST TOURIST - super happy to have you on board fam!
ALLLONE (GreyNote, Graz)

Bild von Alllone

Philipp Bohar

Alllone Bio:
In 2013 we started playing hardcore and breakcore Dj-sets for a collective named Noise Collage. After a few years our sound changed and nowadays we produce more kind of distorted and harmonic bass music which is influenced a lot by hip hop, halfbeat, jungle, footwork, dubstep, jazz, and grime.
We have presented our debut EP called / back in 2017. Since that we have released our music on labels like Aufect, Zenarchy, Sapyens Recordings, Duzz Down San, Balkan Kolektive, Simply Deep and GreyNote.
In 2017, we established our own collective called GreyNote which is based in Graz. We have organized A/V shows and clubbings, and invited artists like Persian Empire, A.Fruit, Yorobi, B.Visible, Ptah & Kinetical, Sun People and many more. Since 2020 we have been part of the “We are Europe“ program. At the Elevate Festival 2020 we had the opportunity to present our live A/V show for the first time. The A/V show is a collaboration between alllone and Deafblind, three Graz based artists who generate live visuals and projection mappings.
Currently we are working on an EP with „Dabbla“ from „High Focus Records“ from the UK and also on EPs with the Austrian Rappers Fate and P.tah. Also another Bedroom Files EP is in the making.


alllone no one knows (self-release | Bedroom Files Vol.2)
alllone gas (self-release | Bedroom Files Vol.3)
alllone x wood ten pound calculator (self-release | Bedroom Files Vol.3)
alllone night shift (forthcoming Zenarchy LP | Shifting Frames)
alllone dynamo (unreleased)
alllone it´s cold outside (unreleased)
alllone 40oiro (self-release | Bedroom Files Vol.3)
alllone hangover (self-release | SC 1000K free tune )
alllone x b.visible might delete later (Data Snacks | Katana EP)
alllone x wood intensity (unreleased)
alllone bad tuesday (unreleased)
alllone trippin (self-release | Bedroom Files Vol.1)
alllone deadass (self-release | Bedroom Files Vol.1)
alllone x nichi mlebom jinseide wanei (DuzzDownSan | Asagi EP)
alllone x b.visible katana (Data Snacks | Katana EP)
alllone bbb (forthcoming Zenarchy LP | Shifting Frames)
alllone x b.visible whip (Data Snacks | Katana EP)
alllone gappin (self-release | Bedroom Files Vol.1)
alllone acryl color smoothie (forthcoming Zenarchy LP | Shifting Frames)
alllone x Fate Wadenkrampf (unreleased)
alllone ???
Jevon Ives & Chalky Why Do We Run (alllone x neesnu Remix) | self released
HØST The Adolescent Mind Vs 100 Liberty Caps (alllone remix) | self released
alllone x Illip Love Juice (unreleased)
alllone ??? (unreleased)
ome x alllone Tell Me (unreleased)
alllone Vibin [Something Wrong EP | Defkon1]
alllone Doin Now (unreleased)
4hero Golden Age of Life (alllone Flip) (unreleased)
Hypho Tantra [alllone remix]
Mariam Wallentin Raised by Wolves alllone Flip (unreleased)
Arthur Verocai Na Boca Do Sol alllone Flip

Pokerflat Podcast by East End Dubs (UK)
Another episode of Steve Bug’s PLAY podcast series. This time around it’s UK’s East End Dubs who submits a powerful and groovy DJ mix to the series.

Bild von East End Dubs

East End Dubs

East End Dubs

Pascal Benjamin Triggered Feet
Rigzz Cenit
Rich NxT Radiant
Rigzz Fision
East End Dubs & Cuartero Static Sea
East End Dubs & Sidney Charles Mental Stealth
Ross Mc Cormack RkiNn (Rossi. Remix)
Rich NxT Untitled
Cuartero Somewhere Else
East End Dubs & Rossi. New Game
East End Dubs & Rich NxT Delicut
East End Dubs & Fabe Stargaze

Granha (Barcelona) presents CODEX FUTURA vol. II
(Samain Music)
Mit Produzent Granha schauen wir auf die Iberische Halbinsel. Sie ist ein kultureller Melting Pot: Germanen, Römer, Vikinger, Karthagern, Berbern und Gitanos. Seit 500 Jahren ist der Einfluss des amerikanischen Kontinents dazugekommen. Letztes Jahr hat Castora Herz das Label Samain Music in Berlin gegründet. Seine Mission heißt Future Folk: Iberische Musiktraditionen erforschen und elektronisch neu interpretieren. Letzte Woche ist auf dem Label eine neue EP erschienen: Asturianische Folklore trifft auf global elektronische Rhythmen wie Tarraxo, Zouk, Reggaeton oder Baile Funk.
“Samain Music is a new label based in Berlin, dedicated to researching, promoting and bringing together the wide range of musical traditions from the Iberian Peninsula, adapting them to the new instruments and aesthetic trends of today. Samain tries to be a meeting point between the dead and the living, the archaic and avant-garde, the rural and cosmopolitan, pure and vicious… with the electronic music as a common thread representing the future, with an experimental, ritualistic, deep and reverential approach to it.
Codex Futura vol. II is a compilation of 12 tracks that explores through electronic music the different musical sensibilities of the Iberian Peninsula. Artists from Galicia, Andalusia, Catalonia, Portugal, Castile, Aragon, confront electronica with the energy of their ancestors. In addition, the internationally known band Dengue Dengue Dengue make their only approach to flamenco to date. In this compilation, you can find Flamenco, Jotas, Celtic music, Medieval music, Galician music, Dulzainas, Portuguese music, Andalusian music, Square tambourines, Cante Jondo, Gregorian chants... fused with contemporary kinds of electronic music.
Granha , einer der Produzenten von Samain Music nimmt uns mit seinem Mix mit auf eine Reise durch die verschiedenen elektronischen Musiklandschaften der iberischen Halbinsel.


Discurso de Castelao desde Uruguay
Baiuca Adelia (con HAEMA) (Yeahman Remix)
Granha Nereida (con MoOoM)
Villalar Las Marzas
Luett Matten Amoris in Sepharad
Amaya Aquella Carmen (Castora Herz Re-Edit)
Villalar Pelabravo
Dimito Tiempo
Castora Herz & Trova Hermética Pax in Viam
Granha Muinheira do Arrieiro
Dengue Dengue Dengue La Peineta
Código Jondo Tránsito
Savage Project Por Verdiales
The Gardener Negra
Califato 3/4 & Tremendo Çolea pa tu mare
Camaron Nana del Caballo Grande (Holed Coin Edit)
Entrevista a Camarón de la Isla

Rewind tba.

Gilles Peterson’s World Wide Show