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La Boum de Luxe - Playlist vom 2.12.2022

La boum de luxe (22.00-04.00)
mit Heinz Reich

Der Berliner Produzent, Live-Act und DJ Amount veröffentlicht heute ein vor Sonnenschein strahlendes House und Disco Debütalbum. Mit oldschooligen Sounds und mitreißendem Optimismus.
Damit wir diese hedonistische Feier des Lebens mit ihm zelebrieren können, hat er uns einen Mix geschickt, wo er eigene Tracks mit ein paar seiner Favourites von anderen Artists mischt.


Amount Lovestorm
TERR & Daniel Watts Disko Axiom
Blaktone Acid Obsession (JOBE Remix)
Amount Rimini Dream
Elfenberg O Raver, Where Art Thou
Amount Supermelodie
Barchi, Vasconcellos Mirror Voices (Original Mix)
Amount Exotic Punch
Amount Panik unter Palmen (Lauer Remix)
Amount Faces (Johannes Albert Remix)

Dj Service (München) Parkdeck Mix
„Hallo Heinz, hier mein neuer Mix.
Gerade Kickdrum und größere Gefälle beim Tempowechsel beschäftigen mich weiterhin. Geschmacksrichtung: Red-Bull, Malboro, Diskonebel, Wunderbaum.
Für alle die Freitag Abend am Parkplatz vorglühen
und bei Chill-Out die Flucht einschlagen.
Bitte erst ab 23:00 und nicht zu leise abspielen.
Don’t drink and drive!
Von drogenverherrlichenden Inhalten distanziere ich mich explizit
und verweise auf die Freiheit der Kunst.“

Dj Service :

urtrax brOken
Ben Klock Prefix
Robert Hood Technatural EP
Fireground Baia
Bidoben L'Ere du Fragment
Vil Anjos The new Birmingham
DeNiro MPC Tracks B2
Robert Hood Fiber
CRAVO Papabinghi
Phase Night Terrors
Vies LSD
Kr!z Havoc
Curses Fatale Recall 2
Ben Klock Gateway
Hugh Mane Child of Love
Feel Fly Athena
The Paradox Ultraviolet
Model 8 Lemon 8 Rmx
Japan Quiet Life

Rampue (Berlin) Liveset
Letzte Woche ist mit „Tragweite“ ein neues Album von Rampue erschienen. Um das zu feiern, hören wir ein frisches LiveSet von ihm zum Album.
Berlin-based producer Rampue has not released an album in 14 (in words: fourteen) years. Between 2008 and 2020 he toured the world and worked mainly on his live sets in the meantime. So now only a worldwide pandemic had the power to prevent the traveling musician from continuing this hustle and bustle and eventually share a new record with the public. Corona was what brought this standstill and the otherwise well- traveled individual experiences cabin-fever during lockdown. Hence, the new Rampue album „Tragweite“ came into existence in February 2021, which portrays the artist’s desire for experimentation.
Inspired by a modular synthesizer (Buchla), Rampue has seemingly put himself into a kind of trance, in which he lets the machines work and combines randomly created sounds with airy structures such as low drums or simple grooves. Rampue accomplished to break free by using random sounds as a new impulse and a way out of a creative crisis, which stemmed both from the enforced home isolation and from the self-perceived paralysis. The result is literally unique, as many of the sound products cannot be reconstructed and are preserved in album form for the general public.
Listening to „Tragweite“ one gets the impression that the dialectical relationship between chaos and order, further supported by its production, is the defining theme of the album. After an initially perceived chaos, a delicate order, which is determined by structuring drum patterns and basslines, takes over throughout the course of the album.
Later, it frays and loses itself again in sounds and tones created mechanically However, it never seems arbitrary, but willful and skillfully staged. For instance, „Furo?“ begins with apparent arrhythmia. The combination of bass and subtle percussion, however, gives this arrhythmia a shape, guiding the track which gradually becomes more and more driving without losing its original playfulness.
Although one might be inclined to think of genres such as Downtempo or Ambient at the beginning in the further course of the album results in such a diverse sound and rhythmic landscape that one willingly questions one’s own perception of music while listening and finally throws every type of categorization overboard joyfully. The listening experience is too intoxicating and enlightening to stick to simple genre boundaries. The musical spectrum ranges from straight arrangements that live entirely without a drum foundation („Fu?r Dich“) to almost meditative sound collages („Regengesicht“) to the four-to-the-floor banger „Kembang“ which adds a grimmer note with a certain industrial appeal to the overall rather melancholic-progressive curation. „Direct Faden“ on the other hand, surprises with its simple guitar-based foundation on which the omnipresent synth snippets and pads are allowed to let off steam towards the end of the record. The track that most closely combines the progressive production style with a danceable club atmosphere is probably „Phobia“. Wafting, partly breaking away synthesizer sounds rise higher and higher, while the driving mixture of bass and drums consistently march forward.
Rampue breaks with his old, musical habits as „Tragweite“ creates the impression of improvisation and jam character without getting lost. Rampue takes his listeners on a journey that is stirring and moving, sometimes demanding or even a bit disturbing, yet always one thing: incredibly exciting. [info sheet from distr.]

RAMPUE Live Set 2022:

rampue Turner
rampue Unreleased
rampue Phobia
rampue Naoshima
rampue Momijigari
rampue Unreleased
rampue Direct Faden
rampue feat. Rosa Lux & I’m not a Band Wilderness
Ghazal Shakeri Song of the Red Dervish (rampue Version)
Oberst & Buchner feat. Mimu Doves (rampue remix)
Dune I can’t stop Raving (Video Mix) (rampue version)

Dj K-Mo Groove Relaxed Astronaut Mix
Eine Aneinanderreihung kapriziöser Vinylschmankerln mit den Zutaten House, Disko und Funk. Dazu eine Prise Edits, 80er Samples und Jazz gewürzt mit einer Afrospezialmischung.
Relaxed Astronaut:

Dj K-Mo Groove Relaxed Astronaut Mix:

Belpaese 09 False Ipocrisie
DJ Ciderman Get Loose
Roisin Murphy Murphy's Law (Cosmodelica RMX)
DJ Ciderman You're losing me
General Ehi Duncan Africa No.1
GOAT Running up the hill
? Bakerman
Norm Talley & Moodyman Jus Hangin
Nubya Garcia The Message Continues (MDCL RMX)
Facta Doves
Dear Humans Kidogo (Armonica RMX)
Cesar Maravillas Chocopop Jazz
Lokki Terra Afro Sambroso (SEQU3L RMX)
DJ Backspin Speechless
DIGWAH 06 Sade

bass.invadaz (Linz)
Rewind vom 2.9.2022
Genaue Info und Tracklist hier .

Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Show