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FM4 Im Sumpf - Playlist vom 15.1.2023

Alva Noto feat. William Basinski & Martin L. Gore Subterraneans (David Bowie Cover)
Fever Ray What they call us
Yves Tumor God is a circle
The New Pornographers Really really light
Destroyer Tintoretto it’s for you
Actress Maze
Sleep Party People Labyrinth
Destroyer Labyrinthitis
Lorn Entangled
Taylor Swift Labyrinth
Clemens Denk Staffellauf im Irrgarten
Destroyer Last Song
DJ Lag & Que DJ Where´s your father?
Cloud Wildfire
Daniel Bachman Wildfire (smoke over old rag)
Daniel Bachman Barometric Cascade (Signal collapse)
Daniel Bachman 540 Supercell
Daniel Bachman Bow echo (Wall cloud)
Daniel Bachman Flood Stage
Daniel Bachman 8.35 PM KHB36 (Alter course)
Daniel Bachman 3.24 AM KHB36 (When the world´s on fire)
Carter Family When the world´s on fire
Daniel Bachman Think before you breathe
Daniel Bachman Blues in the anthroposcene
Daniel Bachman Blue Ocean 0
Daniel Bachman Deep Adaption
Ben Frost Report from an obscure planet
Ben Frost The Index
Ben Frost A guide to virtual death
Cassandra Jenkins Hard Drive