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FM4 Heartbeat - Playlist vom 6.11.2023

Heartbeat, 6.11.2023

Artist Titel Label
Nadine Shah Topless Mother Universal
Monde UFO Weathered Underground Fire
Ethan P Flynn Clutching Your Pearls Young
Cult Figures Devotion Gare du Nord Records
Hipbone Slim &The Kneejerks Celandine Spinout Nuggets
Mike Reed Your Soul We Jazz
Liz Metta Distance Siluh Records
Aze Sneaky Link ink music
Frog Black on Black on Black Audio Antihero
Euroteuro Hochhaus Siluh Records
King Creosote Blue Marbled Elm Trees Domino
Bas Jan Cried a River Fire Records
Mutual Benefit Wasteland Companions Transgressive
Kara Jackson no fun/party September Recordings
Spearmint How I Became The Nutter on the Bus/Older Cats Pt 1 WIAIWYA
Joni Mitchell Harry's House Elektra/Asylum/Warner
Stephen Steinbrink Opalescent Ribbon Western Vinyl
Those Unfortunates Mr Morrison's Dream Gare du Nord Records
David Hedderman Permanent Blush GrönlandRecords
Minki Mumu Love me till the End Wilhelm Show Me The Major Label
Loving Blue Last Gang Records
Laura Veirs Valentine Raven Marching Band
Anton Barbeau Gambit (Toni Tubna Haunted Cards Remix) Gare du Nord Records
McDonald & Giles Flight of the Ibis Panegyric
District Five Wasted A Tree in a Field
Timber Timbre Confessions of Dr. Woo PIAS
The Velvet Swing For Good Boot
Moonriivr No Turning Back Victory Pool
beauchamp geissler come out to goldgelb records