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FM4 Im Sumpf - Playlist vom 2.1.2021

Bloodslide How Glad I Am
Bloodslide MVP
Michael Hurley Are You Here For The Festival
Michael Hurley Jacob’s Ladder
Michael Hurley Beer, Ale And Wine
TV-Personalities Stop And Smell The Roses …
Daniel Bachman Blues in the Anthropocene
Daniel Bachman Big Summer
Daniel Bachman Blue Ocean 0
Lucy Dacus Hot & Heavy
The Weather Station Parking Lot
Cassandra Jenkins Ambitious Norway
Glam You go or I go
White, Pink, Brown Grace Jones Masks
Daniel Blumberg & Josephine Foster The world to come
Daniel Blumberg Toothgritter
YUCK Rubber
Taxi Campari Soda
Tocotronic 17
Yuck Suck