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FM4 Liquid Radio - Playlist vom 7.1.2018

Mix by 1954

1954 is the new project from Ivan Arlaud. This young musician from France studied Fine Art during three years before leaving to focus on his musical path. His music takes inspiration from artists such as Chrome Sparks, Lapalux or even Moderat, but with his own approach. As a visual artist too, he is very inspired by films, which brings a strong nostalgia feeling and cinematography to all of his songs. He mixes instruments with electronic sounds to unveil unique atmospheres joined to deep and mesmerizing rhythms.
His first album will be released during the beginning of 2018 through Project Mooncircle.

Neat Beats I hope I think of bike riding when I'm dying
1954 Pleiade
Groundislava Creeper Shit
Clark The Pining pt1
Physic Twin Heart Divided
BMB Spacekid I Am Not Fashion
1954 We Used To Smoke feat. Mt
Chrome Sparks Tunnelrunner
Lapalux Phase Violet
Roman Flügel Lao Aviation
Nosaj Thing Blue feat. Kazu Makino
1954 To Die For
Moderat Last Time (Jon Hopkins Remix)