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FM4 House of Pain - Playlist vom 04.04.2018

Monster Magnet Mindfucker Universal Music
Arch Enemy The First Deadly Sin Century Media
Phi Dystopia Gentle Art of Music
My Dying Bride Feel The Misery (AC Mix) Peaceville
Bullet Ain´t Enough Steamhammer
Monster Magnet Rocket Freak Universal Music
Monster Magnet Soul Universal Music
Monster Magnet I´m God Universal Music
Monster Magnet Ejection Universal Music
Monster Magnet All Day Midnight Universal Music
Baguette Micro-Vather Noise Appeal
Baguette We Got A Runner Noise Appeal
Baguette Mondo Topless Noise Appeal
Tiny Moving Parts Caution Big Scary Monsters
GenderRoles Gills Big Scary Monsters
Gulfer Judy Froster Big Scary Monsters
LinguaNada Cyanide Soda Kapitän Platte / Cargo
Dyse Bonzengulasch Cargo Records
Hollywoodfun Downstairs Blackbirds Bandcamp
Die! Die! Die! Bottlecups and Phones (I Can’t See You) Sounds of Subterrania
Judas Priest Rising From Ruins Sony Music
Judas Priest Lightning Strike Sony Music
Iron Maiden Wrathchild (Live in Dublin) Warner
Pat Travers Whole Lotta Love Zyx
Eagle Twin Heavy Hoof Southern Lord
Silius Anger Management Massacre Records
Myles Kennedy Love Can Only Heal Napalm Music


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