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FM4 House of Pain - Playlist vom 19.12.2018

Baguette Microvather
Meltdowner Alter
Parasol Caravan Blackstar
Boogie Hammer Last Day at the Plant
Diamond Skull Cocaine
Dusk Nightmares
Down with the Gypsies Jamonem
Cari Cari Anaana
Totscus Welcome Back
Prototyper Failed
Timestone The Mirror
Doomina I, Barbarian
Phal: Angst The Books (J. Broderick Rmx)
Lime Crush Graveyard
Crush Blue Colored
Tents Summer of 17
Lady Lynch Fundamental Friend Dependability
Sluff Deep Blue
Small Hours Modern Disease
Astpai Lottery
Dazed Pilots Kill 'em Witrh A Kiss
Euroteuro Window
Black Label Society Illusions Of Peace
High On Fire Electric Messiah
Conan Vexxagon
Dopethrone Snort Dagger
YOB The Screen