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FM4 Liquid Radio - Playlist vom 13.9.2020

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Liquid Radio: Nocturnal 80

Rhian Sheenan Sileo Darla
Luis Álvarez Structure AMG
Jason Barty & Mackie Smith Burneth Moth Fort Light
Edapollo ft. Koresma Undercurrents Songspire
Soybean Futures St. Alessia's Pillbox Copyright Control
William French Heart Toothfairy
Forion Just The Other Day Missing Sense
Medard Fischer Monument (Slow Dancing Society Rx) Hidden Shoal
The Frequency Project Between Sleep and Awake Copyright Control
Solar Wolf Vibratrix Copyright Control
Existence Is A Coincidence The Stars In Their Thousands Copyright Control
Austin Lee Goza In Memory Aviary Bridge
The Villain Slowdive Copyright Control
Solar Quest Reflective Electronic Soundscapes
Nautofon Rewir Nautofon
Boozoo Bajou Amoniard Apollo
Mycr@ft Rain Dance Copyright Control