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La Boum de Luxe - Playlist vom 26.4.2019

FM4 La Boum De Luxe (21-06)
mit Slack Hippy

Slack Hippy
back once again for his monthly run-down of basically everything and anything he fancies , so long as it rocks . Expect old school, bass-lines, breaks, beats and conversation, spiced with curious facts

Slack Hippys Dogs Bollocks

THE THE The Twilight Hour CBS
Roy Ayers Chicago Uno Melodic
Look Like Nokia Nostalgia Royal Oak
Off The Meds Belter Studio Barnhus
Felipe Gordon & Vagabund Club Shakala Razor&Tape
Stevie V Money Talks ( Sold Out Mix ) Mercury
Dawl Nebulon Tone Dropout Vol 7
Nino Sebelic This is for my Hood Pomelo
The Exaltics I want U feat Egyptian Lover Solar One Music
Clouds Sharp Like A Razor Headstrong

Dim Trich ( Luxembourg )
Luxembourg born and Vienna based DJ (also known under his Hip-Hop moniker ‚’Bibi La Brute’‘). Head of the Non Funxion. Lover of plastic. Manipulating soundwaves since 2008. On a super-sonic-mission to elevate the spirits into higher spheres.
Running an event series at Das Werk in collaboration with Dutch collective DRUM run by Albert Van Abbe. Next event May 18th, featuring Semantica Records label-boss Svreca, Brussels most wanted Djs Kafim & Gurl, Non Funxion’s in-house-machine-wizzard Oboskop with a live-set, Vienna-underground-legend Slack Hippy and Dim Trich on the 1s and 2s.

Dim Trich

Convextion Distant Transmission A.R.T.LESS
Dorisburg & Efraim Kent Tecken 1 Tikita
Sleep D Jackal Pt. 2 Butter Sessions
Escape Artist Flight Out Of Time Salt Mines
DJ Normal 4 Purity 0% - Klasse Wrecks
Seekers Postponed Seekers
VC-118A Protocol TRUST
Clans Of The Alphane Moon Roppongi Sleepers
Chicaiza Flash Backs Where We Met
A Credible Eye Witness & Ghost Ride Obsidian ACEW
DO OR DIE Lost My Own Jupiter
ERIS (Dea And Enrica) Dura Cabaret Recordings
Solomon & Chicaiza Orbit Express Trichome
Evano L.I.N.A. - PHI
Filippo Bena Dub Crepusculo Amazing Stories

DJ Ayran (Vienna / Paris)
Not much is known about this DJ atm. He comes from Vienna, he is now based in Paris, and his taste in music is quite extraordinary . First time on the show and we at Dogs Bollocks HQ are very proud to present, DJ Aryan

DJ Aryan

Tom Waits Hell Broke Luce Anti
Dasychira Spindle Blueberry Records
Gaika Nquika GAIKA
Jelani Blackman & NewAgeMuzik Go Low AMF / Virgin EMI
Kelman Duran & DJ NA 6s Apocalipsis
Jon Hopkins COSM (Daniel Avery Remix) Domino Recordings
Kamixlo Ayuda Bala Club
Xosar Vibration Acceleration Bedouin Records
Amnesia Scanner AS Too Wrong PAN
Florentino Mamasota Swing Ting
Oneohtrix Point Never The Station Warp Records
Robert Henke Layer 002 imbalance computer music
Travis Scott 5% TINT Epic Records
Burial Indoors Nonplus Records
Air Max ’97 Profanations DECISIONS
Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones Lurk 101 Planet Mu Records
Charli XCX, cupcaKKe, Pabllo Vittar & Brooke Candy I Got It Asylum Records UK
Sudanim Pleasure Flood Her Records
Scratcha DVA Kong (Deeped It Mix) DRMTRK
Moonchild Sanelly Weh Mameh Spinnup
foodman Moyashi Kids Mad Decent
Dotorado Pro Marimba Rija Enchufada
La Zowi, Oddlaw & Barla Oscuro La Vendicion Records
Alix Perez & Chimpo Dead 1985 Music
Rockwell Please Please Please Play This on the Radio
Toxe Debris Hut The Vinyl Factory
Giant Claw Dark Web 003 Orange Milk
TSVI Root Nervous Horizon
Varg & Coucou Chloe I Get Lit (cause if not I think of you) Posh Isolation

DJ Warzone ( Vienna )
A Producer And DJ Based In Vienna. In The local Scene as well as Internationally he is known and appreciated for his rough mixes, experimental style of producing and hardcore attitude. Today he is looking back on an over decade long career having released his music on labels such as Meta Moto,Last Europe Kiss and Natural Sciences . Together with Kim Leclerc, he is currently hosting “ Horsepower, a monthly event at DAS WERK, Vienna

DJ Warzone

Acidolido Chestbuster Acid Avengers
DRAAG Parasite Self
Minimum Syndicate Hypothermia Narcosis
CJ Bolland Horsepower R & S Records
Luciano Idmanna Rave Kommando Kobayashi
999999999 Love 4 Rave NineTimesNine
Max Go back into an X.T.C. Global Beat Records
Dj Misjah & Dj Groovehead Trippin X-trax
Emmanuel Top Tone Attack Records
Aux88 I need a Freak_(Micro Knox Vocal Remix) Direct Beat
Lucindo Act 176 3Th Records
Immerson My Name is Acid Routemaster Records
Miss Djax Acid Bomb Djax-Up-Beats
D.O.M. Acid War Stay Up Forever
Caustic Window The Garden of Linmiri Rephlex
D.Carbone Shout Carbone Records
Critical Mass Psychotic Break Dance International Records
Desintegrator Desintegrated Industrial Strength Records
Freez-E-Style Awake In Neo Tokyo Cold Rush Records

Grace Shella ( Vienna )
Grace Schella is a Vienna based dj and known for her dynamic DJ sets which can span over various genres. As much as she loves to energize a dancefloor her interest is equally focused away from it, going also into the experimental corners of electronic music. Her style is wide-ranging, from dark, breaky techno to funky, uplifting bangers mixed with oldschool classics.

Grace Shella

Elecktroids Mystery World Warp Records
Elecktroids Silicon Valley Warp Records
Le Car Aluminium Rectangles Clone Classic Cuts
Elecktroids Thermo Science Warp Records
Le Car AF16 (The Concept Car) Clone Classic Cuts
Posatronix Night Vision Direct Beat
Cybonix Make This Party Live Frustrated Funk
K-1 Time Travel Puzzlebox Records
Ultradyne Cataclysm Exterminador Records
DeadLock Collective Beat Assassins Deadlock
Innershades Aalst To Charlois Mechatronica005
DJ Glow Presents Populist Matriarch TRUST
Global Goon I Actually Gots Ya! WeMe Records
Ron Cook The Nuaty Nurse Tunnel 7 Productions
Aux88 Bass Magnetic Direct Beat
Dynarec Safe Scouting Guide (RadioNasty Remix) Electrix Recordings
Nino Šebelić Baltimore Pomelo

Matt Flores ( Dusseldorf , Germany )
Despite the fact that Matt started his sound experiments nearly 20 years ago, we remember discovering his talent for hybrid club music in early 2000’s when his Metaworld album appeared on the now defunct Combination imprint, combining his love of the Black Music tree with a futuristic vision, flirting with UK Garage & Detroit soundscapes

Matt Flores

eddie harris zambezi dance
plenty herbs erykah intimate friends
submerse needs more zss- project mooncircle
youtaro waltz radio juicy
onra moonlit street all city
poptartpete black weed dealers radio juicy
b side liftoff radio juicy
boyoom connective breathe feat. djemeia radio juicy
smoke trees man in the moon estugarda records
cram & ARU2 here, or somewhere urbane waves
Dorian Concept A Mother s Lament brainfeeder
goersch app. 156 amajing records
smoking trees acapulco gold urban waves
bluestaeb 1991 extraterestial radio juicy
tawrence stamp fronton` Blunt records
amberica ai hauch records
decades feat. yuk teebs my hollow drum
anikulapo immortal ai hauch records

Slack Hippy - Grooveboxxmix
A rewind from around 2012 - no playlist available, no Information, just a nice mix he did back then…

Rewind vom 29.3.2019: Hofsty Joe in the mix
Info und Playlist hier