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La Boum de Luxe - Playlist vom 30.11.2018

La boum de luxe (21-6)
mit Slack Hippy

Slack Hippy’s monthly Dogs Bollocks Show!

Slack Hippy, back once again for his monthly rundown of beautiful music filled with bass and beats.
Expect a whole lot of goodness, from House to Acid to Breaks to Electro & D&B.
His guests hail from the USA, Vienna & Graz and the music? Well the music is just fantastic.
Tune in and find out for yourselves and don`t forget to open a cold one and enjoy the show!

Slack Hippy Dogs Bollocks Session

D.E Giant Step ITL
Depth Charge Shaolin Buddha Finger Steam 100
Mutable ? Mutable 02
Omar S feat. Simon Black I`ll do it Again FXHE
Omar S One of a Kind FXHE
Lone Pulsar R&S
The Burrell Connection Hyper-480 Craigie Knowes
Gallegos Mad As Hell Banoffee Pies
Horsepower Productions Phantasy Rush Effective 96

Simon/Off aka Sun People
This spring Simon/Off released a highly acclaimed EP on London’s Modern Ruin Records
plus tracks for Alphacut Records and Juke Bounce Werk.
Exploring the sounds of the 160-170bpm spectrum this mix contains 100% original material that will be released throughout 2019.
Due to the unreleased content of this mix, all produced and mixed down by Simon/Off
Sorry no Tracklist!

Slack Hippy in the mix

Our very special guest on tonights show , coming from the USof A. Touring through Europe at the moment ( Falling Man Tour )
and playing tonight in the Flex Cafe for Canyoudigit & Beat the Fish is DUCKWRTH
He will be in the studio for an Interview and will also be dropping a few tunes.
You can find out more information about DUCKWRTH by clicking on this link

Audio Device
Audio Device started DJing and promoting Jungle and D&B in 1998
Together with the Synergetic crew he hosted parties at the ( now closed ) Kunstwerk club.
Now active for 20 years in the D&B Scene he has found a new homebass in The Grelle Forelle, where he works as Sound Chief and co-host of the Party series CONTRAST.

Audio Device

Tek 9 A London Sumthin Reinforced
Doc Scott Drumz 95( Nasty Habit Remix ) Metalheadz
Tango Understanding Moving Shadow
Souce Direct The Cult Metalheadz
Source Direct The Crane Source Direct
DJ Rap Losing Control Proper Talent
Stakka & K.Tee Living for the Night Liftin Spirit
Liftin Spirits Going On Liftin Spirit
T-Power Instinct ( DJ Trace remix ) SOUR
Stakka & K.Tee Bad Influence Liftin Spirit
Higher Sense Cold fresh Air Liftin Spirit
Joint Venture Take Away Liftin Spirit
Joint Venture Just a Dream Liftin Spirit
Asylum Da Bass II Dark Metalheadz
Dillinja The Promise Metalheadz
Omni Trio Mainline Moving Shadow
Goldie Chemistry ( Doc Scott remix ) Metalheadz
Origin Unknown Mission Control RAM
Stakka & K.Tee Orange Sunshine RAM
Stakka & K.Tee Ya Don`t Stop Liftin Spirit
Digital Space Funk ( Future  Bound remix ) Timeless
Andy C & Shimon Quest RAM
DJ Rap Spiritual Order Proper Talent
DJ Rap Abyss Proper Talent
Stakka & K.Tee Rugged & Raw Liftin Spirit
Dead Calm Urban Style ( DJ Pulse Remix ) Moving Shadow
Photek Consciousness Metalheadz

Seul Sonique
Seul Sonique lives in Vienna and started spinning vinyl in 2000. From the very beginning of the internet platform she worked as electro editor there and developed their radio show during this time.
In recent years she has been busy with setting up her studio and producing. Together with Al Ectron „Once A Week“ was born.
You can expect a new release from this cooperation next year (2019).

Seul Sonique

volsoc here comes volsoc world electric
bolz bolz data:error world electric
volsoc calzoni world electric
volsoc clickpopbot sbs
volsoc try to save your song world electric
volsoc evacuate sbs
the wee dj´s derthar touch in bass
volsoc fluoxetine sbs
the wee dj´s 430 touch in bass
the wee dj´s base touch in bass
silicon scally borexino sbs
bass hittens morgasm sbs
the wee dj´s 9k sbs

Daniel Lodig
Back on the show once again , the living legend Daniel Lodig with a fantastic mix
covering many, many aspects and genres of Electronic music

Daniel Lodig

Rings Around Saturn Mirage Brokntoys
Rings Around Saturn Saturnine Brokntoys
Cristian Vogel Applets (2015 Remaster) Mille Plateaux
NRSB-11 Consumer Programming WeMe
Jared Wilson Fort Street To Mars I Love Acid
Basic Soul Unit Breathe Still Music
Room 13 Room 13 I Love Acid
Ivna Ji Oscillating Universe Brokntoys
Drexciya Bubble Chamber Submerge
Cristian Vogel Scorpio (2015 Remaster) Mille Plateaux
Arthur Brown I’ve Got Money Track Record
Urban Tribe D2000 (The Godson Remix) Rush Hour
Terrence Dixon The Switch Tresor
AFX 34.5 p.e white label
Rings Around Saturn Non Place Brokntoys
Peder Mannerfelt Social Baseline white label
NRSB-11 Offshore Banking WeMe
XOR Gate Ellipse Tresor

Evva & The Jestic
Evva startete ihre DJ-Karriere 1993 mit HipHop und Acid-Jazz; 2 Jahre später entdeckte sie Chicago-House und Detroit-Techno.
1996 gründete sie mit Clemens Neufeld und Ralf Reiter das Techno Label Fön-Records.
Nach einer 4-jährigen Pause neuerlicher Einstieg 2005 mit Breakbeat und in den letzten Jahren
mit dem Fokus auf HipHop, Funky Breaks, Ghettofunk.
The Jestic aus Linz, treibt seit Ende der 90er sein Unwesen hinter den „Wheels of Steel“.
Breaks in allen Facetten sind seine Passion. Aufmerksam auf sich machte der Linzer vor allem durch Veranstaltungen wie „Vinyl Kung Fu“, den Breaksclub „Strictly Broken“ oder, die in Zusammenarbeit mit, legendären „Shake’n’Break“ Sessions.

Evva & The Jestic

Part 1 : Evva
Jem Stone Penshala
Shuljo Owls on Her Pijamas
Bambz Prod Caroline
Shuljo Bambu
Led Zeppelin Vs. Gramatik Stairway To Hip-Hop Heaven
Pinta Down With It
Dynasty Stay Shinin' Feat. Talib Kweli
Shelter Fresh Prince
Etta James At Last (kASPLATTY REMIX)
GRiZ feat. Son Little Driftin'
Wax Tailor Que Sera
Moontricks Soul Baby
Neil Young Old Man (The Funk Hunters Remix)
Part 2: The Jestic :
Gramatik Dreambig
Brock Berrigan The Celebration Song
MC 900 Ft Jesus The City Sleeps
Smoke City Underwater Love
The Geek x Vrv Memory
Thievery Corporation Culture of Fear
Nightmares on Wax Les Nuits
Sofa Surfers Sofa Rockers (Richard Dorfmeisters Rmx)
Tosca Annanas
Freedom Satellite Trash
Boogiewood Guy Le Arch
Mama Oliver Eastwest Stoned Togehter (Resmoked By R. Dorfmeister)
Aim Let the Funk Ride
Anvil Smith No Time For Sorrow
Primal Scream Trainspotting

Rewind vom 26.10.2018: The Waz Exp( Tirol )
A living legend, regular DJ on La Boum De Lux & The Dogs Bollocks and a purveyor of fine, eclectic music. The Waz Exp delivers us this time around a massive 80ties selection. Note, this is a live recording so no tracklist is available but we guess that you can guess what all the tunes are 😊