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Rico Nasty

Atlantic Records


Rico Nasty über ihre Kindheit im Studio, erste Schimpfwörter mit Missy Elliott und das neue Album

Die punkige Rap-Newcomerin im Interview zu „Nightmare Vacation“.

Von Stefan „Trishes“ Trischler

Rico Nasty trägt noch immer ihren Spitznamen aus Jugendtagen. Eigentlich hatte die 24jährige Rapperin aus dem Großraum Washington D.C. vorgehabt, ihren Namen zu ändern, bevor sie wirklich bekannt würde, aber das ging dann viel zu schnell: Frühe Mixtapes wie „The Rico Story“ oder „Tales Of TacoBella“ gingen dank der sehr energiegeladenen Raps und des eingängigen Gesanges schnell viral und 2018 unterschrieb die Rapperin einen Majorlabel-Vertrag. Warum es bis zu ihrem Debütalbum „Nightmare Vacation“ dann doch noch recht lange gedauert hat, hat mir Rico Nasty mir im Interview erzählt.

Rico Nasty über frühe musikalische Einflüsse und kindliche Studio-Sessions mit ihrem rappenden Vater

As a kid, I was always in the studio. I feel like I have more memories at the studio than I do at the playground. I was always listening to music, always putting on performances for my family. When I was about eight years old, my mom took me to my first concert and ever since I saw someone perform, I would perform in my room. This sounds so head ass like I would always do it. Put on shows and operations for my parents. I could learn a song word for word after listening to it twice.

Songs that stuck with me from that time were „I hate you so much right now“ by Kelis or „She’s a bitch“ by Missy. The first time that I cursed ever was singing that song. I was like, „she’s a bitch“ and then my mom popped me. Like, I was coming around the corner and singing it and then my mom’s hand just popped out at me right on the left. She’s like: „Don’t say that!“
I think that’s where that punk, that whole rebellion type of thing came from. I feel like my first interaction with artists like that was Avril Lavigne, Death Cab for Cutie - and Nirvana. I was really obsessed with just their whole story and how Kurt Cobain died and everything.

Wie sie mit ihren strapazierten Stimmbändern umgeht

I definitely drink a lot of tea and I have a coughing drop in my mouth all the time. I don’t drink any soda and I don’t really eat any acidic fruits. I don’t even know if that makes a difference with my voice, but I feel like early on that was something that played a really big part in the studio that I would notice I would eat certain things and my voice would go out. If I eat spicy food in the studio, it’ll fuck my voice up. I’ve got to treat it like an instrument. I remember when I was on the Nasty tour, I was hoarse for like four or five days straight, like it was like cracking. And I couldn’t talk on the tour bus and I couldn’t talk at all when we were in transit, moving from place to place because I had to have my voice for the show at night time. We got to a point where I was writing shit down, like I was writing what I wanted to say. I definitely had to just realize like it is what it is. And if I want to make continue to make money from this shit, I’m going to have to treat it like I want to make money from it.

Die Zusammenarbeit mit der Hyperpop-Band 100 gecs

My A&R had told me about them. He was playing their music in the car and I was like, „I’m going to fucking fire you if you don’t bring them in the studio“. So two days later they didn’t come to the studio, but they sent me the open verse for „Ringtone“ and I got on it and I fucking I fell in love with. Just working with them overall was super easy, like they’re super fast and smart. So then we finally set up the first session, Dylan made „IPHONE“. He taught me how to make my voice weird and shit and we were just doing a lot of experimentation.

Das Zusammentreffen mit ihrem Idol Rihanna bei deren Savage X Fenty Show

Well, that was the best day of my life. Honestly, I got to hug her. It was amazing. Oftentimes I meet people I look up to and I’m either underwhelmed or don’t know what to say. And I feel weird as shit when I leave. But with her I just felt really natural. I really love that what she decided to put me in and the place that she had for me at the show in general, like my place in the show, it felt very welcoming. I feel like everybody as an artist is waiting for that day where the person that they looked up to acknowledges them and I had that moment. So I just thank God every day. And I always tell people that now that I met her, the only person I want to meet is God.

Die Capitol Riots am 6. Jänner

I feel like it’s a prime example of the white privilege that we’ve been talking about. I didn’t see no rubber bullets. And I heard it was something like thirteen arrests. I think it’s a whole bunch of bullshit. If that would have been any other skin tone, they would have gotten shot, they would have gotten killed, they would have gotten locked up and nobody would have heard shit about it. So my prayers go out to anybody in 2020 that lost or went through a really bad injury during the Black Lives Matter protests. For simply equal rights, I’m really, really sorry to all the people that lost a tooth, can’t see because they’re blind, got hit by cars, shot at by real bullets. All of it is sickening.

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